Smart Buyers In Naples Florida Use The Escalation Clause To Win The Home/Condo Bidding War!

Buying A Naples Home Doug Risher August 3, 2023

Using The Escalation Clause In Real Estate


Smart Buyers In Naples Florida Use The Escalation Clause To Win The Home/Condo Bidding War!


Today I wanted to address the massive sellers’ market we are having here in Naples and what you can do whether you buyer or a seller and how that might affect you. Since it’s a sellers’ market means that the sellers have the advantage we going to address the buyers first who are disadvantaged in the market right now. It seems what is happening is that with covid-19 lockdowns in other parts of the country that people are coming to Florida where it warm, open and not locked down. That is part of the large amount of buyers. But there is another part. It also seems that some people are using the Naples Florida real estate as their hedge against inflation. Real estate is a tangible asset that for the most part appreciates. Naples Florida real estate historically over the past 40 years has appreciated almost 10% per year. In affect buyers are buying Naples Florida real-estate as if it were gold. So if you’re a buyer and you want to get a piece of this paradise called Naples, how do you compete? Is there a way to insure you can get the property or home you want without getting all caught up in a bidding war.? There is and it’s kind of a secret that not many people or even realtors know about or understand.

It’s called an ESCALATION CLAUSE and it works like this. Let’s say we have a home valued at 500k, its beautiful locations and excellent move in ready condition. We going to expect that multiple offers may be presented to the sellers. You view the home and you decide you love the home and would like to make an offer on it. You decide that you don’t really want to offer the asking price or 500k. At this point, your realtor will need to ask you a few questions.

1. Do you want this house? or will you be disappointed if you don’t get it. Yes Or No

2. What is the maximum you are willing to pay So let’s say you really want this home your maximum is 515k just in case you get in a bidding war. Here is how we craft your offer with the escalation clause. We offer the seller 495k, however we will pay 1000k more than any offer that comes in up to 514k. That is the offer. Let’s say the seller does receive the 3 to 4 offers and they are all for the full price of 500k. Your offer of 495k with the escalation clause will be the best offer by 1000k. They will most likely take your offer of 501k because of the escalation clause in your offer makes it the highest bid. If the seller does accept your offer because of the escalation clause they must show you the offer that allowed them to choose your offer. If you want to buy properties in the Southwest Florida area we are in a massive seller’s market right now March 10th 2021. Call me or find a knowledgeable realtor that can help you. [email protected]

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